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Monel K500 ASTM B865 Round Bar

Vision Alloys is one of the best Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Monel K500 Round Bars (additionally alluded as UNS N05500 Round Bars) that are really fabricated from High Quality of Standard Raw Materials and are outlined according to with national and universal measures. Alloy K500 Bars is a nickel-copper combination with high quality and magnificent erosion resistance in a scope of media including ocean water, hydrofluoric corrosive, sulfuric corrosive, and salts. WNR 2.4375 Round Bars are utilized for marine designing, substance and hydrocarbon handling hardware, valves, pumps, shafts, fittings, latches, and warm exchangers. We offer these Monel K500 ASTM B865 Round Bar, ASTM B865 K500 Monel Alloy Round Bar, Monel UNS N05500 Round Bar, Monel Alloy K500 Bars and Rods in specially designed shapes and sizes according to the prerequisites given by our customers, and that too at a reasonable and market driving costs.

Monel K-500 is a nickel-copper super compound with attributes and consumption resistance same as the Monel 400. Because of the expansion of aluminum and titanium Monel K-500 offers more noteworthy quality and hardness than Monel 400. In age-solidified condition, it has more prominent probability towards stress erosion breaking in a few situations.

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Grades : Monel K500 (UNS No. N05500)

Standards : ASTM, ASME and API

Specifications : ASTM B 164 / ASME SB 164

Size : 6 mm to 120 mm.

Length : Random, Fix & Cut Length

Form : Square , Round , Hex , Flat, Wire In Black & Bright Finish

Finish : Bright, Polish & Black


Standard Monel K500
UNS N05500
Werkstoff Nr. 2.4375

Mechanical & Physical Properties – Monel K500 :

Density 8.44 g/cm3
Melting Point 1350 °C (2460 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 160000 , MPa – 1100
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 115000 , MPa – 790
Elongation 20 %

Chemical Composition :

Monel K500
Ni 63.0 min
Fe 0.5 – 2
C 0.25 max
Mn 1.5 max
Si 0.5 max
Cu 27.0 – 33.0
Al 2.3 – 3.15
Ti 0.35 – 0.85
S 0.010 max

Special Features :

  • Each bundle covered with plastic for protection against extreme weather.
  • End of Monel K500 ASTM B865 Round Bar protected by plastic caps.
  • Bundles strapped with plastic strips.
  • Each radius of U-Bend tube separated by a separator.
  • Packaging list (laminated) placed with box/crate.

Applications :

  • Processing plant for sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acids.
  • Pulp and paper processing.
  • Components in gas scrubbing plants.
  • Seawater cooling equipment.
  • Oil refinery components.
  • Wires in electrostatic precipitators.

Vision Alloys exports Monel K500 ASTM B865 Round Bar, ASTM B865 K500 Monel Alloy Round Bar, Monel UNS N05500 Round Bar, Monel K500 ASTM B865 Round Bar to countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Iran, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Russia, United States Of America, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines.

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